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New law on internships in Romania

July 2018 – New legislation in Romania governing internships will come into force on 18 August 2018. Among its provisions, the new law (Law No. 176/2018) sets out rules governing internships and includes a financial incentive for companies that hire...

Kinstellar Energy Digest: Ukraine. June 2018 in Review

July 2018 − Kinstellar Energy Digest: Ukraine. June 2018 in Review
RENEWABLE ENERGY: Competitive draft laws set out the basics for future auction schemes
On 7 June 2018, the draft law “On Ensuring Competitive Terms of Production of Electricity...

Ukraine continues to reform corporate legislation with a new law governing LLCs

June 2018 – On 17 June 2018, the long-awaited Law of Ukraine "On Limited and Additional Liability Companies" No. 2275-VIII dated 6 February 2018 (the "Law") came into effect, with the exception of some specific provisions related to inheritance that...

New government ordinance on PPPs: Is this the “miracle” legislative solution required to finally implement large scale PPPs in Romania?

June 2018 – A new legal framework on public-private partnerships entered into force in Romania on 18 May 2018 after the publication in the Official Gazette of Government Emergency Ordinance No. 39/2018 on public-private partnership (“GEO No. 39/2018”).

Transfer of licenses in the context of asset privatisations in the mining sector

June 2018 – The current Serbian privatisation framework was established in August 2014 through the adoption of a new privatisation law (“Privatisation Law”) and subsequent introduction of all relevant secondary legislation. Although the phase of...

Law on Central Register of Beneficial Owners adopted in Serbia

June 2018 – On 25 May 2018, the Serbian Parliament adopted the Law on the Central Register of Beneficial Owners (“the Law”). The main purpose of the Law is compliance with Chapter III of Directive (EU) 2015/849 of 20 May 2015. The Law will enter...

Kinstellar Energy Digest: Ukraine. May 2018 in Review

June 2018 – Kinstellar Energy Digest: Ukraine. May 2018 in Review
Fields for mineral resource exploitation and production
Ukraine’s State Service on Geology and Mineral Resources (“Derzhgeonadra”) has announced on its website plans...

Bulgaria introduces rules for the exchange of employment-related electronic documents

May 2018 – In May 2018, the Bulgarian Ministry of Labour and Social Politics adopted an ordinance for employment-related electronic documents and the requirements for their creation and storage in an employee’s file (Наредба за вида и...

Obligatory sharing of wage information in Slovakia – a cartel organised by the State?

May 2018 – From 1 May 2018, employers in Slovakia must comply with the following important new rules:

the obligation to disclose the amount of the basic wage component when they advertise job vacancies; and
the prohibition to agree...

Bulgaria plans to introduce a range of derogations from the EU General Data Protection Regulation

The majority of the specific additional requirements concern compliance with core GDPR requirements and data processing for employment purposes
May 2018 – The Bulgarian government has announced a set of specific requirements relating to the...