Exceptional, Together.

Not all law firms are cut from the same cloth. Kinstellar distinguishes itself in the markets of Emerging Europe and Central Asia in several important ways:

Our people work together across borders and specialisations with the shared focus to provide seamless, top-quality client service. TEAMWORK is what gets the job done. Kinstellar’s firm culture is hard-working, responsive, supportive and highly professional.

With a presence in ten key markets in Emerging Europe and Central Asia and a network of trusted partners across the region, Kinstellar provides clients consistent REGIONAL COVERAGE and a single point of contact for this diverse and expansive part of the world.

Kinstellar’s COMMITMENT TO QUALITY is second to none in our markets. We don’t just talk about quality – we build it everyday, with significant investments in learning and development for our people at all levels. Our reputation for quality attracts the top professionals in our jurisdictions.

Regional in focus, Kinstellar is INTERNATIONAL in style. Fully independent since 2008, our pedigree goes back over two decades and is shaped by our time as part of a UK ‘Magic Circle’ firm. We know what clients of top global law firms expect, and we know how to deliver it.

Integral to our firm culture and approach to client service is our strong COMMERCIAL FOCUS. We understand that the legal advice we provide is crucial to our clients’ business decisions. We deliver concise, market-driven results to help you meet your objectives.

With twenty four sectors and practices, Kinstellar provides a level of EXPERTISE not widely available in our jurisdictions. Our in-depth knowledge of international and local legal, regulatory and commercial issues helps you make effective and informed decisions.

We believe that GIVING BACK to the communities where we work and live brings long-term benefits to society as a whole. Our community investment programme includes pro bono work, volunteering, donations and sponsorships to help lift people in our region out of social and economic exclusion.

No short-cuts, no compromises – we place a premium on INTEGRITY. The highest ethical standards have always been a cornerstone of our firm. Kinstellar is the only regional law firm with a dedicated risk and compliance team and a comprehensive anti-corruption compliance programme.