Asset Yield: The podcast series of Kinstellar Asset Solutions

1 July 2020 – Welcome to Asset Yield, the podcast series of Kinstellar C/SEE Asset Solutions, where we interview principal investors, originators, advisors, and funders in the world of non-performing and non-core assets of all classes, bringing you front line market insights.

In today’s episode Denise Hamer, Head of Kinstellar C/SEE Asset Solutions, speaks with Timur Peters, Founder and Managing Director of Debitos GmbH.

Based in Frankfurt since 2010, but active in 16 jurisdictions and with nearly 1000 registered investors, Debitos GmbH is one of Europe’s pre-eminent illiquid asset electronic trading platforms.  Traded assets include NPLs, bankruptcy claims, litigation claims, real estate, and all other classes of assets with the exception of re gistered securities.  Ticket sizes range from a million to billions.  Debitos GmbH also is a major supporter of EU Commission activities in the resolution of NPLs.  As a lawyer, financial consultant and IT specialist, Timur Peters brings to bear a broad range of expertise in dispute resolution, finance and technology, as he discusses Debitos GmbH and the growing role and benefits of technology in the disposition of non-performing and non-core assets.

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