Overview of the 5G Auctions in Central and Eastern Europe

November 2020 – The introduction of 5G networks will bring significant changes to the telecommunications market. Not only will the technology open up a wide range of new possibilities in a variety of sectors (including manufacturing, health, energy, automotive, media and entertainment) but many regulators will also seek to design the frequency auction terms in ways that will foster competition and increase welfare for consumers. For these reasons the 5G rollout remains a hot topic throughout Europe.

We understand the importance of these changes and therefore closely monitor 5G frequency auctions in CEE markets. An overview of the current stage of 5G frequency auctions in Kinstellar jurisdictions here.

For more information please contact the co-heads of the firm-wide TMT sector, Zdeněk Kučera, Counsel, Prague, at , and Viliam Myšička, Partner, Bratislava, at .

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